Here is a true Beaver County trophy Muskie from the Ohio River! My Dad, Dan Hoffman, caught this beautiful #Muskie yesterday. We got a good fishin’ story for this one though guys….so we headed out to the river this morning and as we pull up to our spot we realized that I had forgotten to bring the net. Well we figured ehh, no big deal. Half hour into fishing and Dad hooks into this giant. Fish gave one hell of a fight on 8lb flourocarbon on his medium action 7ft St.Croix rod he uses for bass and walleye and to top it off he caught it with a small Hot n’ Tot with no steel leader. Needless to say I was almost to the point of diving in after it since I forgot the net. I ended up grabbing him under the belly and hoisted him into the boat for Dad. We snapped the pic, measured, weighed and released him healthy as could be back into the river for someone else to enjoy one day! Fish was 46 inches long and weighed 24lb9oz. Way to go Dad, couldn’t be more happy for you on the catch of your lifetime! Proud to be your best fishin’ buddy. #ohioriver #beavercounty #fishing #trophyfish #musky #pafishing #beavercountyfishingclub #monsterfish #esox #esoxofinstagram

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